LaPlant Lemon Green Tea - 100 Tea Bags (Pack of 4) 1

LaPlant Lemon Green Tea – 100 Tea Bags (Pack of 4)




LaPlant master blenders bring a truly natural blend of Green Tea leaves with fresh natural Lemon creating an all-occasion health drink with a scintillating flavour and a refreshing aroma. This blend not only greatly enhances the tea drinking experience, but also enriches the medicinal values of Green Tea by the valuable addition of Vitamin C and other nutrients….. The Perfect Green Tea Cup: LaPlant Green Tea quickly brews into a bright and vivacious greenish-yellow liquor accompanied by sweet and light earthy mellow aroma, delivering the perfect Green Tea experience. Superior Quality: 1) Finest Green Tea: Our Green Tea is selected by experienced professionals and seasoned tea-tasters from branded tea gardens only and tested periodically for catechins – the potent anti-oxidants know to have disease fighting properties and provide several health benefits. 2) Durarome Encapsulated 100% Natural Flavour: We use only 100% natural flavours which, through the use of patented Durarome technology, gets released only when they come in contact with hot water, thereby providing the strongest flavoured tea cup every time….. State of Art Packaging: 1) Metallized Heat-sealed Envelope: Every tea bag is individually packed in a state of art heat-sealable metalized envelope to protect and deliver the original aroma and flavour, providing tea drinkers the experience of drinking tea straight out of the gardens. 2) Double Chamber Tea Bags: We pack our selected tea leaves in edible filter paper made tea bags with double surface area, which when dipped in hot water quickly provide the perfect brewGarden-fresh Green Tea packed in heat-sealed metallized envelopes
100% Natural Lemon Flavours
High Antioxidant content aids weight loss, anti-aging and metabolism
Truly Refreshing & Rejuvenating
Smooth Taste – not bitter


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